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Custom themes

OOT PowerApps has some themes but it's impossible to adapt the colors or to create one.. that could be a good idea

Status: Planned

This is on our roadmap, we expect to have v1 which allows users to customize colors by June 2020.


bumping this idea. I think this is an important feature. It is excruciating to have to style each and every element

Level: Powered On

Greate for any company that would like to have consistent brand across their apps without a lot of work. 

Level: Powered On

Either a custom theme, or at least a format painter:

Level 8

SharePoint has color tool; could something similar be created for PowerApps?

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Planned
Level: Powered On

Any update to this. I feel this is must have feature. 

Level: Powered On

whole heartly agree, users need to able to build theme/template 

Level: Powered On

Since we don't have themes, the best we can do is set the color values for each element to something common. I created some text boxes. MasterFormat.BorderColor controls the overall color. The others are used with ColorFade().


An icon's enabled color is: ColorFade(MasterFormat.BorderColor,Value(MasterDarkIcon.Text))

Its disabled color:  ColorFade(MasterFormat.BorderColor,Value(MasterLightIcon.Text))


Level 8

Still listed as Planned, nearly a year later. Any updates on this, as having a Company brand theme would be incredibly useful.