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Custom themes

OOT PowerApps has some themes but it's impossible to adapt the colors or to create one.. that could be a good idea

Status: Planned

This feature is on our roadmap but has been delayed.  It is expected after October 2020.


bumping this idea. I think this is an important feature. It is excruciating to have to style each and every element

Regular Visitor

Greate for any company that would like to have consistent brand across their apps without a lot of work. 

Advocate II

Either a custom theme, or at least a format painter:

Continued Contributor

SharePoint has color tool; could something similar be created for PowerApps?

Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
Not applicable

Any update to this. I feel this is must have feature. 

Advocate II

whole heartly agree, users need to able to build theme/template 

Regular Visitor

Since we don't have themes, the best we can do is set the color values for each element to something common. I created some text boxes. MasterFormat.BorderColor controls the overall color. The others are used with ColorFade().


An icon's enabled color is: ColorFade(MasterFormat.BorderColor,Value(MasterDarkIcon.Text))

Its disabled color:  ColorFade(MasterFormat.BorderColor,Value(MasterLightIcon.Text))


Responsive Resident

Still listed as Planned, nearly a year later. Any updates on this, as having a Company brand theme would be incredibly useful.