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Custom themes

OOT PowerApps has some themes but it's impossible to adapt the colors or to create one.. that could be a good idea

Status: Planned

This feature is on our roadmap but has been delayed.  It is expected after October 2020.

Helper II

Giving this some new love 🙂

Any ideas on when this is going to be implemented, it would be a really welcome addition!

Regular Visitor

I've just been subscribed, but I'll pipe in as well. The lack of custom theming is a limiting factor of Power Apps adoption. Companies want to have consistent branding across their applications. 

For now, we're using other platforms and technologies, but we'd love to be able to add PowerApps into that toolbox.

Helper I

Yes! This is needed. Not having the ability to modify colors all at once creates a lot of time wasted. If I could create a theme that matches the company brand, it would save a ton of time. 

Advocate I

Bumping, We really need a proper tool to modify the underlying color palette that already exists in the themes.json file contained in the compressed powerapp file. We should be able to export and apply the theme just like the current existing themes. There is already a microsoft experimental tool that extracts this, located here, but it doesn't always work with more complex powerapps.

Continued Contributor

I believe the most consistent approach would be to have the theming options for the organization at to be used to build a default. 


The options should be expanded to have optional 'advanced' settings, so as not to overwhelm the user. 


Theme colors at should have a dropdown pallette menu that would display the same color swatches at


In the Advanced options, it would be possible to change the default hoverfill, hovercolor, highlightfill, highlightcolor, fill and color values.

It should also have options to set up common app features, such as: 

error: red

alert: orange

warning: yellow

notice: light gray

progress gradient:  startcolor - endcolor


User should be able to set up additional predefined Theme colors giving them names. e.g: 


state_good: Color.Turquoise (or choose from palette swatch)

state_attention: Color.Seashell (or choose from palette swatch)


Those custom color names would be available in the Theme to PowerApps - and potentially other O365 apps like Sharepoint, Power BI, etc. for consistency and ease of maintenance.


Finally, the user should be able to export/import the Theme as a JSON file. 

It would also be possible to import/export a modified JSON file in the PowerApp. The default theme from would load automatically, in a Theme object, a color enumeration similar to the Color property - no need to import. 
Finally, the Theme property inside PowerApps would be writeable, so even if the app loads default, they can be changed or extended depending on app requirements. 
It should be possible to Clear(), Collect() and ClearCollect() the Theme, as long as the source conforms to a format which can be understood as a Color enumeration. 

Power Apps
Status changed to: Planned

This is on our roadmap, we expect to have v1 which allows users to customize colors by June 2020.

Frequent Visitor

The possibility to create your own theme is one thing, but it would also be nice to have a way to go back to the default (color)values ​​in one step in order to undo your cosmetic changes if you realize it is difficult to to customize the app per item.


Regular Visitor

Will this include text attributes, like fonts and sizes. I prefer labels to be a smaller font than the input text so would prefer to be able to set a default label font size for use in forms. or maybe the default font weight. 
Really, any attribute that PowerApps set automatically should be under user control.

New Member

@FilipKIs this feature still on the roadmap for June 2020?

Power Apps
Status changed to: Planned

This feature is on our roadmap but has been delayed.  It is expected after October 2020.