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D365 UCI Custom Help Panes - Adding the ability to edit content once created, rather than delete and recreate.

Currently there seems to be multiple bugs where you can create content, but if you want to edit existing content you need to copy to another place e.g. notepad, delete and recreate. Editing does not seem to work.

  1. Add the ability to edit a balloon once created. Currently if change is required it must be deleted and reinstated.
  2. Add the ability to edit the text of a coach mark. Currently it must be unlinked, reworked and linked again.
  3. Add the ability to edit the title of a section (i.e. taking ‘The’ out of ‘The Approve Stage’) AS WELL as to alter whether it is collapsed or expanded on access.
Status: New
Level: Power Up

In addition to @RockRobster 's suggestions:

Add the ability to move/re-order sections without having to delete and re-create sections to get the sections displayed in the desired order.

Level: Powered On

Custom Help needs serious attention! 


This is an amazing feature and concept yet is only half baked, and not yet suitable for our enterprise clients screaming for this. We have to look at a 3rd party solution like Whatfix and that is not ideal at all. 

Come on Microsoft, make the feature actually work! 


I can't even delete a section I've added. 

If you move to a new area/entity, the custom help pane stays there so the user can follow, but if they close custom help panes and then go back to it, if you are on a new entity, then a new Custom Help will open up. I wasted a lot of time building lots of content in One Custom Help Pane, only to find that they are actually pinned to the entity you created it on.