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Data table - default selecteditem

Please add a property to the Data Table control where I can choose the default selecteditem. Just like other controls already have.



  • I one off my apps I use two data table, one for activ and one for pending tasks. 
  • With a toggle control I put in a time registration
  • I update my datasource (With Flow in this case)

What I want is to be able to set the selected row in the data table after updating the datasource, so the client can go on with this registration. In the current situation after updating the datasource the data table is reset to select the first record.


This means the client has to re-selected the correct record (with more records this mean looking at the list to see where the correct record is in the list), which basically costs time, is irritating and so not a good user experience. 



A default selecteditem is the solution here.


How should this work:

In the case the item you want to select is in the list, select this item. If wanted item is not in the list there should be no selection (or a option to should to select record one or select no record)

Status: Under Review
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Status changed to: Under Review
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I'm doing a selection from another data source and when changing between data sets, it always remembers the selected line of the table - which in turn causes a bug in my app. So even Refresh does not reset the selected row nor is there any ability to reset the whole table nor the selection.

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This is still "Under Review"? 🙄 It's 2021 in case you didn't know lol 


Datatable1.DefaultSelectedItem please...

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Really need a mechanism when referencing a SharePoint list in a table to set its default. Shouldn't have to build a collection (another table) to force a "Clear" or other loop de loop method. The supposed goal is low code but it ends up being lots of micro code.