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DataSourceInfo support for SharePoint Permissions

Extend the DataSourceInfo capability to work with Permissions in SharePoint Lists and Libraries.  This is a critical missing capability integrating to SharePoint as a datasource for solutions. Many people are asking for this.  

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 Even i am looking for this functionality. I thought it must be avaiable as powerapps integrates with SharePoint. 



This is highly need basic requirement. Kindly roll out this feature ASAP.


As of now i have to store permission in SharePoint list and then manage permission in PowerApps.

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Tried to implement this as suggested by documentation:

Set(NewPermission, DataSourceInfo('Sample Projects', DataSourceInfo.CreatePermission))


Annoying that it doesn't work with SharePoint.


Begin rant...

Struggling to understand the where PowerApps fits in and who the target audience is. It's too complicated for anyone I know who isn't a programmer and too restrictive for anyone who is.  


I write WPF apps in C# and find coding comfortable.  PowerApps is another story.  It has so much potential but should support .net code behind and xaml.  It's so dumbed down that basic functions require massive work arounds.

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New Info ?

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The sad part is, this DataSourceInfo looks to the List permissions, not the List Item/file permissions.  For example, I have a list that Users can submit to using PowerApps.  Once Created, a Flow updates the permissions on the list item to remove edit rights and replace with read for the creator.  However, when another PowerApp I created which looks at the lists and presents it in an orderly, business required manner, it still shows the creator as having Edit rights to the item, when they infact do not, only to create new items.  


I've created a workaround connecting to our SQL Databases which keeps a record of all users and all AD Security Groups, so I validate against that information (note: these are NOT Office 365 Groups).  Seems silly I had to build in a new Data Connection, Collect information, etc. when the App Opens to validate who should be able to edit an item or not.

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This is a must. Extremely important for data security. 

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Have gotten the same problem in a multiple list gallery where access is limited to one of the list.



Silencing false negative is a necessity.