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Dataflow connectors should have CDS connector

Add the CDS connector to DataFlows in make.powerappscom


Why can Customer Insights connecto to CDS, but DataFlows can't? 



Status: New
Advocate II

You can do this indirectly now, by syncing your CDS to a data lake, then have your dataflow read from the data lake.

Advocate II

Such a messy work around for something that could be done simple. 


The product team could easily implement this if they understood the value. More and more we will see separation of CDS environments within 1 tenant. The easy way for theses systems to share some data would be through connectors like this. 


Not having the CDS connector present here is for me just like a "brain fart" 🙂 

Advocate V

This feature would seem like a quick win, hopefully it gets through!


Use case:

Initial dataflow is used to bring the data into Dataverse. Then, an employee further processes the data using a model-driven app. At this point, sometimes the data must be processed further using a dataflow. Using the messy Azure workaround is the only way to get this done now... far from ideal, especially considering that many "citizen developers" may have access to the Power Platform, but not to Azure.

Helper III

This is a total no-brainer - upvote from me!