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Datatable - Grid and Fill options

Like in Excel I would like to format my tables and be able to have a grid to show the user.


Please add the following options to the datatable:

  • Enable Grid  (options: horizontal, vertical, both)
  • Grid Bordercolor
  • Grid BorderThickness

For the individual Colomns:

  • Grid Bordercolor
  • Grid BorderThickness
  • Fill
  • Color

The individual should overwrite the values enter for the whole column. Behaviour should be that I can add a grid to the database with a black color and then can adjust one or more column(s) to another color.


btw: Also would this make it possible to make the fill off a cell based on a condition. For example I could make a if statement with a calculated position and if true then give a red color to the Fill element. So like Conditional Formatting in Excel (See attachment)

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New Member

Also need conditional Row Formatting based on field value ie, setting the highlight color of a row.

Advocate III

Hi, I would add the possibility of resizing the heading, in other words, Heading Height.



Advocate I

I would also add the possibility to use alternating row colors

Frequent Visitor

We would also need this function very urgently because it would be a very necessary feature. Because with Gallerys, many apps that we want to develop simply cannot be realised...