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Datatable - No Selection

Please add an option to set a table to no selection.


This could be a default with the possibility to set this default to Blank(). Then make a formula like Reset(Control) to set the table back to the default.


To illustrate the issue I now have with the pre-selected record:

I have two Tables - one for tasks in progress and one for tasks waiting - and one form displaying the record from one off both tables. When I click a record I set the ID off the record to a variable and this variable I use to lookup the record displayed in the form. This works great but issues are:

  1. When opening the screen the variable has no recordID
  2. In Both tables a record is selected (so highlighted) - This can be confusing for the user 

With the option to set the table to No Selection the user have to select a record and the Variable is filled. Then the proper info is visible.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

Has anyone found a workaround for this?