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Dataverse (CDS) + Model-Driven App | Drag-and-Drop Files to Documents Control with SharePoint Integration

To Microsoft: you have an army of super developers, if Microsoft would just focus a small set of resources to enhance the user experience by adding functionalities like this one by providing out-of-the-box controls/components, PowerApps would rule.


I hope you could consider to have the drag-and-drop functionality for Documents with SharePoint integration.


It would enable model-driven apps to drag-and-drop files easily, and also while using the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. This would make super easy for users to drag-and-drop files from the windows file explorer -or- an email to the model-driven app interface and store the files in the connected SharePoint in the back... See screenshots below for reference.


From Windows File Explorer to a model-driven app; (related) Documents control with integration to SharePoint...



From the Outlook inbox - email attachment to the model-driven app through Dynamics 365 App for Outlook.



Thank you for your cosideration.




Status: New
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Drag-and-drop is missed in SharePoint integration, this is a must to simplify user interaction as part of document management efforts/tasks.

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Something like this could be out-of-the-box, or? What do you think?

SharePoint Drag & Drop PCF | PCF Gallery

GitHub - DynCon365/SharePointDragAndDropPCF: A PCF control to drag and drop files to SharePoint libr...

Kudos to Author: Mike Valentine


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Is there any update on this?