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Dataverse Edit in Excel Lookup Column

Need support for writing lookup column to Dataverse records via Edit in Excel. 

Status: New
Advocate I

This is just so basic and fundamental - amazing that 1) it got out of preview into GA without this feature 2) months later it's still not working.


If you have a lookup field and you Edit in Excel, you can paste the exact value required, but it will be silently ignored.  No warning or error is given on Publish, it looks like it worked.  You only realise after a refresh.


Instead, you have to go through record by record and choose the value from the pane on the right - a really awful UX.  The pane shows the lookup values in pages of 12 - if you have more, the vertical scroll resets on every record.  If you have many lookup values to choose from, you will average several clicks per row.