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Dataverse password type

Hi there,


So I have been looking around and wondering why there is no password type when creating a column inside a table.

This password type could have multiple settings from minimum length to maximum length and which characters are allowed or perhaps in the future use regex to determine which characters to use.


I really would like to see this inside of model driven apps this way you could have a password control for that type of fields.

This field would have 2 states a shown and a hidden state and you can switch the state bij clicking on a button like an eye as you normally see. Ofcourse you can only click on this eye if you have the read permissions which is set by the Field security Profile.

I also think that you can add the password field in the view so you can see if it is filled in or not but keep the password hidden using asterisks.

If the table is editable then the password field should be locked so it can't be changed.

Also Bulk edit shouldn't work for passwords since that wouldn't be safe at all.


Don't know if it is interesting to implement this or not but I really think that this could be usefull for many so they can easily share login information with other users.


Thanks in Advance,


Billy Cottrell

Status: New