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Date Picker - Needs a "HintText" property

The Date Picker control needs a "HintText" property.


I have created a customized SharePoint form in PowerApps, and I have two fields on the SharePoint list: "Commencement Date" and "End Date".  The fields are not mandatory, and have been configured with a default of "(None)".


When you go to create a new list item, the customized PowerApps form appears, and for each date field it shows a hint text of "31/12/2001" (The date format for the date pickers was set to "dd/mm/yyyy").  This is confusing users, as they are trying to specify "No Date" somehow.


It's also confusing them even more when they view an existing list item, because even though no date was set, it's still showing as "31/12/2001".  Even though the date appears greyed out, it's not obvious to the user that "no date" was set.


Form in Edit ModeForm in Edit ModeForm in Display ModeForm in Display Mode

 'By adding a "HintText" property, instructions could be placed in the picker, such as "select a commencement date". Then in display mode, if nothing is selected, the HintText is not shown so that the viewing user is not confused.

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Updating status and adding @FilipK

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This is a problem more generally when using the date picker for dd/mm/yyyy dates. The hint text should match the format property of the date picker.

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but the OP said he didn't want the hint text, because its stupid.   why hint the date without putting the word "Example: " in front of the date, its just silly putting a grey date in there.  Looks like real data.  you need the word e.g. or example.  otherwise you are just asking for backlash from your users.   I'm guessing MS developers are becoming bots, not real humans 🙂

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When ever we do an edit on date time picker its kind of confusion so it would be better to show the format lie "dd/MM/yyy" which would be more understandable and mostly people are used to it.

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Status changed to: Under Review

Updating status and adding @FilipK

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Hello @CWesener and @FilipK

Could you please provide an update about the status or any workaround identfied? 


Thank you. 

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Hi @CWesener@FilipK,

I really need an update on this topic as well because my customer is urging me to remove this default "31/12/2001" hint text...


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Look forward to the hint text attribute being available for the date control (or at least the default hint text being blank for a locked SP data source data card if the field default is blank).


Meanwhile, we can make the user experience of the date control a little more intuitive by playing around with the control fill parameter, to fill the control with the same color as the hint text when there is no value and return the fill color to white (default) when there is. To do this, set the date control's fill attribute to If(IsBlank(Parent.Default) And IsBlank(Parent.Update), RGBA(118,118,118, 1), RGBA(255,255,255, 1))


This effectively hides the hint text if the parent data card Default value is blank, while still allowing the user to edit the control to add a value, and it doesn't require you to Unlock the default SharePoint datasource linked datacard as Padding attributes are editable.

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Although this removes the hint text, after picking the date the value does not show as this padding also seems to affect the value entered also. Were you able to get the value to show @SunnyJoat? If so how? Thanks!

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Thanks @Anonymous for the comment. Unfortunately I made my post before I'd finished fully testing it and then forgot to come back and edit it with the correct approach that I found that works - D'oh! Smiley Embarassed


I've updated my response to use the fill color to hide the hint text instead which works and is intuitive to users.