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Date Picker Options

The Date Picker control is rather large with the blue header displaying the weekday, month, day and year. It would be nice to have a "small" or "minimal" version as an option that only displays the calendar portion of the control. 

Status: New
Frequent Visitor

I second this - every client I have complains about the date picker.

Regular Visitor

Yes, I agree.


Many failed sumbissions for my app due to the "Ok" button not visible when making the date selection.

Helper I

It's difficult for end-user to choose the data.


I totally agree with this. My app has the Date picker as a mandatory field. Since the size of the Ok button is too small, It is getting difficult for the end users. I'd appreciate to know if there is any workaround for this problem. 

Advocate I

Agreed, it is way too large in most of my apps

Advocate II

Current date picker is not usable. I'm having to implement dropdowns or other methods for date capture.

Unfortunately it is just too big for most screens, so for many users the confirm button just won't appear.