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Date Picker not requiring to click OK

A user should not be required to click OK after selecting a date. I read another post where there was concern about a user selecting an incorrect date. If that occurred the user can reselect the correct date. I have had end users get frustrated because they "couldn't select a date" because they didn't realize OK has to be clicked. 

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Impactful Individual

Yes, please add this. Although the action is only lifting your finger 1 centimetre and putting it back down again, it's hardly working 10 hours a day in a coal mine, haha, but our users are not keen on this. 

Helper III

Perhaps for the fear of selecting wrong date, the app maker should have the choice between having an "OK" button or not.

The vast majority of our users are not happy about having to press "OK". They would much rather click on the date and move on to something else.

When you're job is data entry, you simply want the process to be as smooth as possible!

Advocate I

I face the same issue with my users. The okay button is redundant here and results in wrong date selection. Users select the date and exit without pressing okay.

Helper III

absolutely correct we have the same issue with our users and a lot of wrong selected dates.

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This combined with the fact that the date picker UI is massively oversized and seemingly can't be modified, the majority of our users on 1080p monitors do not even see the OK button and have to scroll down. They select the date, click out of the popup and their submission fails as they didn't enter a date.


Frustrating that there's no option to fix this.

Advocate I

Possibly redesign the entire date picker. If using extensive dates ie Date of Birth some users do not intuitively click on the year but go back month by month, which is understandably infuriating. Separate roller style dates or just a smart fuzzy input?