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Date formats using user's locale or regional date/time settings.

For date fields, it will be useful to get the format in line with the users locale or region. Especially, when the tenant is a multi-national enterprise, users should see dates in a format they are familiar with. For example UK user see "dd/mm/yyyy" and USA users see "mm/dd/yyyy".

Another quick fix may be a global setting for an app to set the format instead of setting it for each date control. This will not address multi-nationals, but at least make developemnt easy for single country tenant.

Since default is "mm/dd/yyyy" the developer has to remember to set format for each date control in other regions.

Status: New

A way to check a user's regional settings preference is definitely a next step for bigger multinationals 👍

New Member

IMHO, it should have been designed this way from the start.  It doesn't make sense for the programmer to have to hard-code or program-in date formats to correct the default date format which should have been automatically detected from the User's settings.  The US uses mm/dd/yyyy (and AM/PM format) whereas a large number of other people around the world - it could be argued in fact the majority of people - (UK, India, Australia, New Zealand, Germany etc) use dd/mm/yyyy and 24-hour format.


PowerApps should be (by default) locale-aware as far as date and time formats are concerned.