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Date picker option to start week on a Monday

Please give the option for weeks in the date picker to start on a Monday, and not just Sunday as currently.

In any case thanks for a great preview product.

Status: Under Review

While this is still under review, I wanted to share with you a great blog post that might help you right away. Since it's a custom calendar, you could configure it to start on Monday.


Thank you for your patience in the meantime,


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Is there a solution to the issue where week starts on Sunday in the calendar gallery approach carlosRodri mentioned above? I tried to amend the standard Calendar screen to have the week starting on Monday, but with no success so far. Thanks

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This Request is 3 and half years old and still under review.

You should decide to add this feature to start the week on monday. Everybody in Germany, for example, who gets an app with a date picker, asks for changing the week beginning. Its essential in some countries.

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Hey @JoSteiner

it is possible for a while now 🙂 I think they just forgot to update this feed. 

The property in the datepicker is called "StartOfWeek". You can set this to Monday and it works 🙂

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Thats fine - thank you very much @KChristoph



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Can anybody send a screenshot of that "StartOfWeek" property? Unfortunately I'm not able to find it.