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Date picker option to start week on a Monday

Please give the option for weeks in the date picker to start on a Monday, and not just Sunday as currently.

In any case thanks for a great preview product.

Status: Under Review

While this is still under review, I wanted to share with you a great blog post that might help you right away. Since it's a custom calendar, you could configure it to start on Monday.


Thank you for your patience in the meantime,


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It's been more than THREE YEARS now, and still not an update on this? Are you even aware that your product is in use outside of the US and that there are different starting days for a week?


Please, fix this yesterday! 

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hoped it was solved ...

but anyway nice, hold this up 🤠

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seeems it is already solved 😁

StartOfWeek ...

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Yup, solved.  DatePicker.StartOfWeek.Monday


WTH is MondayZero?

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Niceeee! Just saw it! Great and it took only three years like my patch-function 🙂 

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Ha, indeed this is solved. Got to change the start of week! +1

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You can show some images or the steps to do it on Monday. I can't find the function (DatePicker.StartOfWeek.Monday)


I just saw that my calendar is drawn with galleries, and the one that comments with the inserted one.calendario.png

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the setting/function ist for the date picker field  like you have one in the middle - for the Gallery it's a separate issue /-: