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DatePicker save selected date on leave

Please make it possible so that DatePicker will save the date when new date has been selected and user click outside the DatePicker. Right now user need to remember to click "OK" in DatePicker to save the date , where as the Combo box/Drop down will save the selected item when the user just click outside the box/selection.

Status: New
Frequent Visitor

I think that the Datepicker shouldn't need the OK button at all, it should just update the value and close the control as soon as you pick the date you want. This way there is no chance that the user may just end up using the wrong date without noticing it.





Super User

This would be a lot more intuitive and consistent with how users interact with typical date controls.

Helper I

Definitely, this is unusual and error prone to require this extra "OK" click step. In old versions of Internet Explorer it can sometimes require scrolling to even see the OK button.