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Datepicker - how the date is displayed (date display format)

Since the Datepicker control does not allow us to display the date in the "datepicker text box" in the format of with the "." notation, this would be a nice thing to add in the future release.


Lot of countries uses just the ". " notation.

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You can display the date in the preferred format of the user by using


Text( Now(), LongDateTime)


and if the app is run in a country that uses "." format (eg Finland), that is what will be shown. (There are many other formats available apart from LongDateTime).


On the other hand if you want dates displayed in a specific format, then use "yyyy dd mm" or whatever you want (check the docs for the syntax). It will be displayed the same way in every locale (except that the month/weekday names will be globalized).



Advocate II
Advocate II


well I tried as you suggested me, but it is still "/", not "." notation....


see this thread:



Here they suggested me a workaround. Works but this is not what I want.


I want to edit this in datepicker, inside the textbox of the datepicker.



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Sorry, I don't know much (um, well anything in fact) about DatePicker, I was just pointing out how the PowerApps functions can be used to display dates in different formats. (It is also possible that the feature I described isnt yet available in the released version - if it isn't, it will be soon)

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I made an application with PowerApps in which the user selects a date and time for receiving certain information.


I am in Finland, where as in most civilized countries, the date is presented in order or yy-mm-dd and the time is presented by a 24 hour clock.


I get this working with my Apple iPad and iPhone, but adding directly to Sharepoint or by a created PowerApp on windows platform (Win7) this is impossible.