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Dealing with floating / decimals with high precision

Hi Team, 


I have a Float datatype column in SQL Server and when trying to populate that to powerapp through  Gallery -> Label , I see that the value is being chopped.


ex: 0.272245892490096 [Actual value] is displayed as 0.27224589 and is chopping to 8 digits after the decimal. is there a way I can get the complete number. 


If this issue can be fixed by any chance it will be of great help


Status: Under Review

Adding @GregLi to comment on roadmap feasibility.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review

Adding @GregLi to comment on roadmap feasibility.

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I just ran into this same problem.  Attempting to do some location-based work which requires very precise Latitude/Longitude values.  This limitation has essentially stopped us in our tracks for using PowerApps for this purpose.


e.g. in SQL Server, the field is a decimal(22, 20) with a sample value of 0.00012367133757961800.  This is showing up in PowerApps as 0.00012367130000000000 which is throwing everything off.