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Decode URL in PowerApps

Hallo PowerApps Team,

I need a function to decode a string in PowerApps.


In my business case I want to save text from only text multiline SharePoint field in an other sharepoint field with rich text turned on.

The problem is that all linebreaks get lost.

So I want to replace all line breaks with html line breaks.


In flow I found a solution.

uriComponentToString(replace(uriComponent(outputs('Mail_part')), '%0A', '</br>'))


But I want it in PowerApps.

I tried to use the functions "encodeUrl" and "plainText" but it does not work. PlainText function makes no decoding (it removes html and xml)! 

PlainText(Substitute(EncodeUrl(DataCardValue1.Text); "%0A"; "&lt;br/&gt;"))

The result is some ugly text with a lot of encoded signs like spaces "%20"


Ans ideas?



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New Member

Why is it taking so long to fix this simple bug? Since custom connector requires P1 plan one would expect to make this a priority. 😞 please i need this.

Advocate I

This can represent a lot of formulation to 'clean' any URL, and it's kinda annoying to nest so many substitute() functions in order to replace spaces and special characters in our input parameters. I like this idea.

Regular Visitor

I know this is an old thread, but this still isn't solved yet and I just ran into this problem as well. My problem was I had a multi-line address field that I wanted to display in a gallery on a single line. My solution was to use the Substitute() function with Char(10).

Substitute(ThisItem.Address, Char(10), " ") 


That replaced all line breaks with a Space. You could repurpose that to insert any text needed for your solution.