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DeepLink: pass parameters from 1 App to another (dynamically)

Hello PowerApps platform Team,

I would like to provide following idea for PowerApps. I will be greatful, if this can be taken for implementation and if it adds further value to this product.

"Recently, I work on a requirement, where we need to create multiple screens, each screen consist the feedback button at the bottom of screen.

Screen Name is similar to functionality/feature name.

When we click on this feedback button, I need to deeplink separate feedback App.

The other feedback App have a label and its text value was coming as 'Screen name' from previous App (logic is, user is going to provide feedback for each functionality/Screen).

I could achieve this but if I have 60 screens, I am passing parameters statically not dynamically.

Instead of changing name 60 times , I would like to pass 1 variable only.

So, I believe currently hardcoded parameter passing is only option not dynamic one. It will be great, if we can have this in near future.




Launch("",ScreenName,ScreenDynamicVariable)-------something like this

Thank you.



Status: New