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Default DataCard field names to the datasource field names

We have a long form that is connected to a custom CDS entity.  Rather than go and rename the Datacard fields to meaningful names, it would be nice if the app had an option to default the field names to the entity ( datasource) field names; 

Status: New
Level: Power Up

@CWesener@AndyPennell@tahoon@rgruian@CarlosFigueira@mabolan Although i do appreciate being kept up to date on the lack of progress being made on the development of a pdf ‘button’ for your apps, this is still a major hurdle for effectively using the app. In the time that you haven’t progressed, I have developed a full access database from scratch (I had to learn how to use access first).

Whilst the access solution isn’t as elegant as the PowerApps could be, the access works and so seems to render PowerApps as useful as a chocolate teapot. Which is a real pity because at first, I thought it was brilliant.

Power Apps Staff

 Hi @Andyp4 - I'm assuming this post is related to : - can you confirm that it's not related to data cards?


We appreciate this feedback has been open for a while, and unfortunatley as we prioritize our backlog we cannot always implement every feature we want in the time that our users need it. I'm glad to hear you've unblocked yourself using Access for the moment, hopefully we can support you on the PowerApps platform in the future.Please keep and eye on the forums and blogs if you can to see updates.