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Define separate Azure B2C user flows for sign in and registering in the Portal to be more user friendly

When enabling Azure B2C for a Portal that is invite-only, the registration process is complex for the potential users.


For example:

  • When they enter the portal anonymously and just click sign in, they find a "Register now" link in the Azure login. But they cannot register at all because the portal is invite only
  • When they click the invite link in the invite email, they get redirected to the redeem invite code page without any fucnctionality. Just have to click "register". Confusing.
  • One step further in the registration process they find the login form from the B2C user flow. From there they have to click "Register now" to proceed. Also confusing and a reason to stop the registration.


Solution could be:

  • Redirect the login always to an Azure sign in user flow (without registering)
  • When redeeming invitation the user is asked if he has already a B2C login. If so, the user is taken to the sign in user flow. If not, the user is taken to the register user flow in Azure
  • When a user is logged in, but has no access to the particular site; give the user a no-access error mentioning this site is invite only. Instead of the redeem invitation page.



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