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Delegate "in" operator for data sources

We need the ability to delegate the joining of data sources or collections (or a collection and a data source), using the "in" and "exactin" operators. Currently this is not delegated for SharePoint lists, and although documentation states SQL Server is delated, users experience contradicts this.


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Hi @areid, fully agree!

According to the documentation this operator is currently delegated only for SQL Server and SalesForce data sources.

This post pertains to delegation of in.  I will test again and update that post.

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Like to have this in CDS too

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This is really important when developing using SQL Server as there tends to be more normalization of data meaning more joined tables and  tests for membership


Currently the in operator as a test for membership is definitely not delegated to SQL Server which puts an enormous restrictions on data returned.


It does not seem to be good business practice to promote documentation stating that an important feature exists while leaving the users to struggle without the feature.


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@PhilDI think that the heat is off on delegation.  With the following technique you can bypass all the limitations:

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The "In" delegation doesn't work for SQL server

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The "in" opperatore must be deligated!!!!!!

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Just spent an hour trying to debug some weird behaviour - turns out it was this issue. I.e. SQL col IN (<list>) not being delegated, but importing a bunch of rows ๐Ÿ˜’. Flows aren't a nice programming paradigm, add a lot of uncessary complexity ๐Ÿ˜