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Delegate to Administrator - Allow access window when sharing SharePoint data source

Please add the ability to somehow let an administrator allow access on behalf of users when they are logging into PowerApps for the first time, especially if users already have access to the sharepoint site.  Users are presented with the initial screen to select Allow to the SharePoint Connector, and will cause confusion.  



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Make this feature available in the PowerApps Admin Center instead of only via PowerShell

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And allow the Environment Admin the permission to effectively "allow on behalf of users"
Do not leave these permissions with just the Global Admin 

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In a small environment, say ~50 users, this issue is frustrating to say the least. Especially in an age where there are so many trainings saying not to blindly "allow permissions" and to be overly cautious when presented to do so. The escalations to any small help desk would be overwhelming at best.


Let's expand this to organizations of 1,000+ where an issue such as this could cripple any work that was meant to be done by the PowerApp. 


Permission is implied when using the app which was the same behavior in InfoPath. The same should be at least an option when using PowerApps.

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Great idea, upvote!

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Perhaps this is the wrong thread - it would also be useful to give the PowerApp the rights to open and read/write a Sharepoint file, regardless of the user's rights (the user must have the rights to run the PowerApp). The alternative seems to be elevating the file permissions to read/write for the entire organization, which is not desirable.