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Delegation: Include LOOKUP column types in existing Sharepoint delegated functions

I've recently built a couple apps which leverage the relationships with Lookup columns in Sharepoint. It appears that while all the functions I've used to build the app are delegatable, the column type is not - though this restriction is not mentioned in the documentation.


This seems to be an important function to delegate with large lists. Hopefully, it can be integrated soon.


Status: Planned
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This is a problem in need of a feature update. We are constantly using lookup fields because 'relational is better', and because of this we would have to remodel the data already in use! Very dissapointing, it seems like an easy thing to fix..


I suppose it isn't really a powerapps thing, but is actually to be implemented in the Sharepoint-connector or Sharepoint. Are we talking to the right team for this?


Could someone let us know whether this is happening in the future? Thanks!

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Bump! This is very much needed!

You can workaround this, but it's a hassle