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Delegation: Include LOOKUP column types in existing Sharepoint delegated functions

I've recently built a couple apps which leverage the relationships with Lookup columns in Sharepoint. It appears that while all the functions I've used to build the app are delegatable, the column type is not - though this restriction is not mentioned in the documentation.


This seems to be an important function to delegate with large lists. Hopefully, it can be integrated soon.


Status: Planned
Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
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Thanks Audrie, Great news. 


Also, really enjoy your Youtube channel - very informative

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Any update? Pretty please with sprinkles on top??

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LookUp and Choices column type are really similar. So when the LookUp column type will be delegatable, is the Choices type will be as well ?


And as mention by @rlemenchick, it would be good to specify in the documentation the list of column types per DataSource that can / can't be delegated .

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Delegation of these column types would remove a major barrier when developing complex apps. I hope this is still on track. Any update on a timeline would be helpful as I have some things limping along using other methods but would love to simplify. Thanks.

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Any update on the state of delegation support on lookup and choice column types? 

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Hi guys, do we have good news?

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Also looking for an update on this.


I have two lists in sharepoint, let's call them "Audits" and "Auditcheck".

Every Auditcheck is connected to one Audit.


In my app I have a gallery that shows all the checks for a selected audit.

filter(auditchecks, =


It works fine, but I do get a delegation warning that i suspect will give me problems in the future.

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I've suspended the use of PowerApps until feature gets implemented. I hope very soon.

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One less workaround in my symphony of workarounds for my heirarchical data modeling application. 


Any update on this?