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Delete Saved Versions - Revert to Live

There is no way to delete a "Saved" version of an application. The "Delete" button is enabled for Live version (or prior) but not for "Saved" versions ahead of that.


The goal would be to basically revert to the last Live version of the application. Please enable a feature that provides the mentioned ability to manage app version.



Status: Completed

You can now restore older versions of your app -

Power Automate
Status changed to: Need Info

Thank you for your feedback. This appears possible today, just not for the current version. If you create another version, simply create another change you can then delete the previous version. So...


1. Save a new version with the desired changes then you'll be able to delete that one.

2. In the case where you want to restore to a previous version (this would move the restore above the one you want to delete), after restore to that earlier version you can delete the version you are pointing to.


Make sense?


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can i revert all power app form version and restore to list default versions ?

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In the current state you can not get rid of any changes you have done to your app since the last live version. It is impossible to revert to the "live" state without first publishing the latest version (which in my case is broken). Do I seriously need to publish that broken crap, before I can revert to the current live version?

Power Apps
Status changed to: Completed

You can now restore older versions of your app -

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This is not complete.  AL89 is correct.  There is no way to delete a saved unpublished version to revert back to the most recent published version.  

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Hi @PHemingway610 , @AL89@Audrie-MSFT  

Please double-check the image.
412 version is scrap. 411 version is ok. I want to delete 412 version but I´m afraid that If I do publish 412 version I couldn´t be able to restore (back to live) the 411 version anymore becouse is older than 6 months. I am right? options? help please.




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Continuing to push on this topic.  There is no way at present to discard/delete a draft/saved/unpublished form version without promoting the form into production first.


Microsoft - in what universe do you go to production with a bad/broken form?  This is development 101.  People should be able to discard these draft/saved versions without issue as the Live version is still the published version of the form.


Can we please get the "Discard" or "Delete" feature enabled for draft/unpublished form versions?