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Delete SharePoint customized form from PowerApps admin center.

We can use PowerApps to customize the SharePoint list form, but we can not delete customized forms in the PowerApps Admin Center.
We need to delete them from SharePoint.
Customized form will remain on PowerApps If we deleted the SharePoint list.
It is causing trouble in management because there is no way to delete the customized form.
If we can deleted the customized form from PowerApps side, it will be nice to manage.


But the best implementation is that when we delete the SharePoint list, the customized form on PowerApps will also be deleted.


I hope you to consider the implementation.
Thank you.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

I've discovered an issue with remainig customized list forms in the form storage. I'm not able to create a new one since powerapps tells me there's already an form with that name.

Additional functionality like the mentioned would be a great.

Level: Powered On

When importing a Sharepoint Form from a package, we cannot update an existing Sharepoint Form. The list of PowerApps which can be updated contains only canvas apps. Therefore, the only way to import is to create a new app. Unfortunately, there is no way to delete existing Sharepoint Form from the admin interface. I've tried with PowerShell cmdlets but they fail with a 'conflict' error message.