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Description Field from Hyperlink Column in Sharepoint

It would be great if the "Description" field of a hyperlink column in Sharepoint would be available in Powerapps.

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Hi @Benedikt,

I would even go a bit further than that: why not making the Description of fields available through the DataSourceInfo function?

Image 1.png

That way, we could reproduce what the OOTB SharePoint forms do:

Image 2.png


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Am I correct in understanding that we're currently not able to customize a SharePoint list form to edit the URL field so that we can customize the URL description text through PowerApps?

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Hi @colonel_claypoo,

No, it's not about the description of a SharePoint URL type field. It's about the description of just ANY type of SharePoint field:

Image 110.png

Inside Power Apps, we can use the DataSourceInfo function to get information from a SharePoint field (its display name, its maximum length, its required state:

Image 2.png

But we can't get its description. I would be nice if we could get the field's (or list's) description as well.

See what I mean?


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Hi @R3dKap, ah okay, got you. Yes, I agree that this would be very helpful if we had access to the description property for any field. Thanks.

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I ran into this issue today. When the column data type is Hyperlink, there are two fields that appear on an OOTB SharePoint form: URL and Description. This is useful for list views not displaying an obnoxiously long URL. 

On a PowerApps form, it doesn't seem to allow for the user to update the description portion of the Hyperlink--only the URL portion.


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I have a use case where we are converting InfoPath forms into PowerApps and have a form, which uses a SharePoint list as a data source, that asks users to enter both the URL and Display Text, to later be stored into a SharePoint list field of data type "hyperlink". My understanding is that SharePoint natively stores data in the hyperlink data type as an object with elements of Url and Description.


Presently, I am able to capture these two pieces of information using two input fields, one for the URL, a second for the Display Text, and then display the result in a HTMLText label field to create a clickable link. However, the Update property of the form data card is only looking for the URL, meaning that SharePoint will only receive the URL and automatically copies the value of the URL into the Description element in the SharePoint list, which has the effect of preventing end-users to utilize the Display Text and overwriting existing data if they use the form to update the hyperlink data field.


Rather than the data card Update property being a single line of text, could this instead be a record so that we could utilize the hyperlink as:



   Description: inputDisplayText.Text,

   Url: inputUrl.Text



similar to how we push data for People Picker controls in PowerApps.

This could also help when pulling data from the SharePoint list into an Edit form so that the form-generated data card would have two input boxes, one for the URL, one for the Description, to display the data elements. Alternatively, we could have a single input box with the URL generated with the data card and leave the Description exposed via a record property. 

I agree it would be great if we could do this directly in Power Apps. Sadly still not a thing. I did solve how to do it with flow that you call from Power Apps. 😍 At least it is possible, just takes a bit of extra work.