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Description Field from Hyperlink Column in Sharepoint

It would be great if the "Description" field of a hyperlink column in Sharepoint would be available in Powerapps.

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Super User

Hi @Benedikt,

I would even go a bit further than that: why not making the Description of fields available through the DataSourceInfo function?

Image 1.png

That way, we could reproduce what the OOTB SharePoint forms do:

Image 2.png


Helper III

Am I correct in understanding that we're currently not able to customize a SharePoint list form to edit the URL field so that we can customize the URL description text through PowerApps?

Super User

Hi @colonel_claypoo,

No, it's not about the description of a SharePoint URL type field. It's about the description of just ANY type of SharePoint field:

Image 110.png

Inside Power Apps, we can use the DataSourceInfo function to get information from a SharePoint field (its display name, its maximum length, its required state:

Image 2.png

But we can't get its description. I would be nice if we could get the field's (or list's) description as well.

See what I mean?


Helper III

Hi @R3dKap, ah okay, got you. Yes, I agree that this would be very helpful if we had access to the description property for any field. Thanks.