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Design Studio - Language and formula format

Please give us the possibility to change the languages in PowerApps. As well as for the displayed languages as for the formula formatting.  It is getting really frustrating and annoying that the languages is changing to my region settings even when I have all my Office365 settings already set to Englisch. 

Do It like the way we can do it in Flow, see pictures. Don't understand why this is not possible for PowerApps, there it is on the same Power Platform as Flow.


2019-03-22 16_06_51-SQLQuery6.sql - (sa (58))_ - Microsoft SQL Server Manag.png2019-03-22 16_07_34-Manage your flows _ Microsoft Flow.png

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@Anonymous , @Audrie-MSFT , @Mr-Dang-MSFT 


Do one of you know if this is a request already under review or on the PowerAppsTeam development calender? If not could you address this request please. I really get crazy about the formula formatting change, I have several Office365 account I have to work in and even if I set my languages to Englisch (so all apps are in Englisch) I get forced to the regional Environment (Dutch in my case) with the regional formatting. So add the option to set the formatting like in Flow or stop forcing PowerApps to open in the regional environment!


And btw, maybe you should just pick one formatting for the formulas (pick ; and ,)
I understand that this comes from Excel, but there it is also irritating for every developer. When you look at Excel Community/forums the only way to find what you really need is in the international US standard. So when you look from the perspective of building an international Community/Forum you see that this is also primarily based on the US formatting, look at your own forums. So I would say maybe you should get feedback from the community If they also agree to take away the different formatting.


Believe me, nobody will care and everyone will be pleased to be able to focus on one formula language 😉 


Thanks for your help.