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Develop a simple mobile application

Hi team! I am a new user of the Power Apps platform and I would need basic guidelines to complete the app (not sure how to get started as there are plenty of learning paths and modules)

Develop a mobile app (use Power Apps) with the following functionality:
- Take a photo. User takes a photo-selfie or selects it form the photo library
- Call ML API. Use Azure ML to predict the age and gender of the person form the image
- Call third-party API. Once you have the data, get a Quote from third-party (over API) for a insurance product
- Provide an insurance Offer. Display the Quote to the user as an offer
- Generate mobile (iphone/android) app
- Publish locally within the software (not in the AppStore)

So my application would be based on REST POST calls using JSON (first to recognize face, the second call for authentication - oauth 2.0, the third to create a quote with dynamic data - user input through the form).


I am attaching screenshots to be clearer. Thank you.

Status: New