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Develop and Manage Power Apps Code with Visual Studio & Azure DevOps

Coding in PowerApps awfully unstructured and hard to control, hard to read and awful to mantain - even worse if you develop in a team. 

We'd appreciate to be able to use PowerApps to design the visual model - but to do all coding in Visual Studio and all DevOps in Azure DevOps.

Status: New
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Full Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for PowerApps is an absolute necessity for it to move forward as an enterprise business application platform. This "app" idea has been around for years however no progress has really been made in such an important area.


We need to be able to treat the unpacked solution files exactly like source code, "compile" them to produce a bug free solution "release" on a development machine, easily branch and manage versions and managed/unmanaged solutions from a single code base, have Visual Studio/VSCode assistance in editing and debugging these code artifacts on the client side as part of development before checking in the code - canvas/model driven app design surfaces in VS would be a great bonus. And obviously with full Azure Devops support.


While the current marketing drive of low/no code persists, how can ALM, and therefore enterprise roll-out at scale be taken seriously? At the very least, there should be a "code-only" parallel branch ensuring both sides are improved simultaneously.


Please consider this as a matter of priority. I would be happy to assist and have tried to write my own tools many times. But there really needs to be support from within the Powerapps team as well.

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Basically what @PJ99 said. I made some quite handy apps at my work but I cant manage and deliver it to all our customers. So at the moment I have no use for powerapps at all. Once they implement full alm, I have a lot of use for powerapps.


Really hoping this becomes top priority.

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also, please include the ability to create Azure AD app registrations to use with DevOps pipelines to be able to move apps from Dev to Test, Test to Prod.  Currently, you have to embed a user and worry about password changes.