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Develop integration between the new (Dec 2020) image column type in SharePoint and PowerApps

There is currently no obvious way to bring images from the new 'image' column type into a PowerApp or write from PowerApps to this column.


This new column in SP is a great feature but all my clients that have started using it are now REALLY frustrated that they can't use the images in PowerApps.


SharePoint lists and PowerApps are such a great combination, please can we have integration for this new feature? 

Status: New
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Yes, absolutely essential for both PowerApps and Power Automate. I'm currently resorting to converting an uploaded image (using the add image control in a form), converting it to a base64 string, then Patch()ing the string in a secondary Sharepoint list correlated to my main Sharepoint list via a LookUp() function.

It 'works', like a hole-ridden rubber dingy patched together with duck tape technically 'works', but I'm not gonna use to to sail the seven seas.



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Power apps will soon support the image column type from SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists.


Check more information in this article: Power Apps can now display images from SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists 

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Now it is supported by PowerApps. we can directly fetch image column value like other column types.