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Digital Signatures

Support for digital signatures would only add to the enterprise feature set.

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At least support for multiple Electronic Signature fields (like DocuSign and Adobe Signatures). 

There is a difference between Electronic Signatures and Digital Signatures

Advocate I

Is there any plan soon to support this feature?

Power Apps

DocuSign and Adobe Signatures have connectors to PowerApps, check this out and let us know what you think.





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The link to the Adobe Sign connector above is incorrect. It should be:

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WE NEED a component for capturing Digital Signatures (signing certificates)
I can currently use the "Pen" component to create an electronic signature however there is currently no function to capture a DIGITAL Signature from a digital signing certificate. Our organization utilizes Certificate signing exclusively for authorizing just about everything. I have not found a single other tool (free or paid) that will capture Digital Signatures. I can do it inside Microsoft Word (Client app only) but cannot do it in the Word online version (major oversight).  Lots of deficiencies there.


While I understand there is probably a lot of backend here, I'm absolutely certain my organization would pay top $ for a premium component that was able to capture the Digital Signature (and also be able to validate it in the future to ensure it is still good)