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Disable Dynamics 365 tile

Author Name: Claudio Mendes

The  global administrator on office 365 is not capable to remove the Dynamics 365 tile from all users, when a CRM license is bought.

The users need to remove the tile by them selves and this causes a lot of stress in the customers.

We need to be capable to remove the Dynamics 365 tile from all users in once.

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I agree with that. It would be better if we could assign the tile for people who are actually are going to use it. Now we have to use a powershell script for al current users (and run it again for new users). Dynamics, Powerapps, Flow are not apps we want everyone to use, so we prefer these apps to be disabled by default, in stead of enabled by default. Funny though, there is an option to disable Sway for all users, while Sway is quite easy to use.