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Disable Error Messages for SaveData() and LoadData()

I'm using the SaveData() and LoadData() functions to reduce loading times in my app. However, apparently, those functions only work on Studio and on mobile. I have users on those platforms but I also have users who would access the app via a browser. This is problematic since my browser users would see error messages regarding those two functions.


I would like a way to disable error messages when SaveData() and LoadData() is used in platforms where they are not supported. I know that LoadData() has an optional third argument, IgnoreNonexistentFile, but using that apparently does not disable errors on the browser. In any case, I already have a failsafe implemented and the app works well enough on the browser -- it's just that my users would see unnecessary error messages that would produce confusion.





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@Anonymous In the mean time, someone on another thread gave me this alternative : 


Set(IsSaveDataSupported, !IsBlank(Acceleration.X))


All smartphones and tables have an accelerometer, while web browers don't. It's a neat workaround.



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Alternatively, can we just get browser support for this? Most modern browsers support local storage/indexedDB, so maybe something is possible ther.e