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Disable Microsoft Feedback Survey

For high-visibility apps, we'd like to be able to disable the Microsoft Feedback survey if possible. This has been brought up several times, see:


Status: New
Advocate V

All my vote are belong to this.


I'm trying to crush the "Vote" button with extreme prejudice here, but it's still registering only one vote. 🙃

Regular Visitor

I hope this IDEAS will be implemented soon.

Helper II

This is particulalrly vital to apps with senstive information or Personal Information, as users may think the survey is from their own company and share some data with MS that they shouldnt.



Regular Visitor

Microsoft still shows their lack of UX maturity, after all these years. How could someone think this is a good idea? and the feedback they get is useless because it depends on how well each app is built, not the platform.

New Member

Voted as well. We implemented our own survey within the app to gather feedback from our users, and it is very confusing to them to see a separate random pop-up asking to provide the same feedback.

New Member

This is confusing to users as the app we have build already has a feedback function built in. Why would you make it a popup


Community Support

Voted, in the meantime here is a way to disable the Feedback Survey using PowerShell. 


1. Follow steps 1-4 from this link: PowerShell support - Power Platform | Microsoft Docs

2. Type:


walkMeOptOut                                   : True
disableNPSCommentsReachout                     : False
disableNewsletterSendout                       : False
disableEnvironmentCreationByNonAdminUsers      : False
disablePortalsCreationByNonAdminUsers          : False
disableSurveyFeedback                          : False
disableTrialEnvironmentCreationByNonAdminUsers : False
disableCapacityAllocationByEnvironmentAdmins   : False
disableSupportTicketsVisibleByAllUsers         : False

1. Type:

$settings = @{ disableSurveyFeedback  = $false}
Set-TenantSettings $settings


Hope this helps.


Community Support Team - Anthony Amador



Regular Visitor

Whilst most people will have spoted this disableSurveyFeedback should be True not False  @Ant 


$settings = @{ disableSurveyFeedback  = $True}