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Disable Pinch Zoom

Have the ability to turn on/off zoom while using a mobile.
Every time someone taps on dropdown menu it zooms hiding all buttons.
It’s not end user friendly
Status: New
Level: Powered On

I'm having the same issue and it is very annoying and really degrades the end user experince. 

Level: Powered On

I've got an iPhone SE, and ComboBox set to size 25 font. When I click on the combobox, the application is zooming in substantially. After you pick a selection, you have to click out of the combobox, and then two finger manually zoom out (without clicking on any other part of the application).

Level: Power Up

Same over here. I've got users who stop using PowerApps because of this annoying issue. Don't even understand why this zooms in.

Level 8

Although the pinch-zoom functionality is said to be an accessibility aid, I believe it did create unintended effects. For example, as @Specoop has mentioned when a user selects a combo-box or a drop-down with a single tap gesture the screen zooms-in clipping items off of the view area, which should be displayed. I have made a screen-recording of this exact issue using an iOS device. Notice, right away (first 5 seconds) I tap the combo-box to display its options and the screen zooms-in clipping parts of the screen. I then use two fingers to zoom out. Additionally, I am aware that iOS has an accessibility option to zoom and I did confirm that setting is disabled on this device. The iOS zoom setting is not the cause of this issue. Note: when retrying this process by using the back button and reselecting the combo-box, now the combo-box opens its lists and is displayed correctly without zooming. However, this issue is and should be able to be reproduced. (1).gif

Level: Powered On

This is so annoying. Please fix!

Level: Powered On

Still no option to disable this?

Level: Powered On

Please fix! Very Annoying...