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Disable Pinch Zoom

Have the ability to turn on/off zoom while using a mobile.
Every time someone taps on dropdown menu it zooms hiding all buttons.
It’s not end user friendly
Status: New
Regular Visitor

After more than a year, I think we can safely assume Microsoft has actively decided to ignore this issue.

Helper I

I'm having to delay a roll-out because users can't stand this zooming in feature.   Please provide a fix.   

Helper I

I'm having to delay the roll out of an app because users can't stand this feature.   Please find a solution to the zooming in issue ASAP.

Frequent Visitor

Come on!

Frequent Visitor

Have they replied to this?

I mean, this has a pretty big impact on the users experience.



Helper I

No solution yet? 

Frequent Visitor

Any update on this please? It's horrible function. We really need option to turn auto zoom off. Application just can't do this decisions for user.

Advocate III

This bug also causes issues when rotating devices. If a user pinches to zoom, then rotates their device, then rotates back to the original position while being in a zoomed in state, the whole layout of the apps becomes a jumbled mess. With responsive design an app does not need zoom ability, it will reflow to ensure controls are sized appropriately. This bug is incredibly frustrating to end users.

Regular Visitor

This is making PowerApp on mobile un-usable. Pls fix asap

Regular Visitor

At this point, we should assume this is not a bug but a feature.

This issue can be solved by using a Gallery instead. It actually runs and looks better.