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Disable check for errors

The only time PowerApps slows down is when it checks for errors. It does this when you are typing a formula and you temporarily break a variable that is used somewhere else:


  1. Image1.Visible is set to a boolean context variable, "ShowImage."
  2. You have the formula for ShowImage in one location:
    UpdateContext({ShowImage: true})
  3. You decide you want to put the formula in a second location:
    UpdateContext({ShowImage: tr...})

As you type true/false, you break the original formula and PowerApps stalls as it tries to recalculate things. If it's just one formula referenced in one way, it's no big deal. In fact, you could probably copy+paste to avoid the issue altogether. My example is very simple though, but apps can be very complicated so breaking the formula is costly when you have to wait through it all.


So users of PA end up typing their formulas somewhere else, then copy+pasting it back into PowerApps. But that's so counterproductive since PowerApps has color coding and autoselection in its formula editor that you miss out on so many key features when you write formulas elsehwere.


I am suggesting a way to toggle the error checks while you type a formula so that you don't break things. Think of it like the DelayOutput property for TextInput fields. Is this possible?

Status: New

Thanks all for the feedback here, your frustration is heard and we're actively discussing how we can make the experience better.

Helper I

Are you still looking into it? Microsoft.



Yes! We had some folks out for spring break, but we are actively investigating now.

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@mattgo  Where are we with this? Super annoying to wait 10 minutes for Power Apps finish doing something that should only take a millisecond. Why does it have to lock up the whole app to check one line of code?


Hi @jeffeason71, I appreciate your patience. There are a number of areas we are working on or have planned to help address the latency issues here:

  • Short term - there is an optimization we are releasing in the coming weeks that will cut in half the error checking time for formula edits for any asynchronous expression (calls to data sources, User(), IfError() and a few others).
  • Mid term - there is work we are starting soon to make improvements to the formula bar that we believe will help reduce error checking time. I don't have an estimate as to actual improvement nor timeline at this time.
  • Long term - getting into your "why" question - the error checks involve effectively checking full app definition to ensure the updates are valid. We have plans to overhaul how we do this analysis, it's a major architectural change in our backend that will take time to design and implement. This work will ultimately lead to major performance improvements but will not be available soon.
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@mattgo. Thanks for the quick response. I look forward to both the short-term and long-term solutions. 

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Hi @mattgo, that's excellent news! It sounds like this is going in the right direction. Thank you.