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Disable check for errors

The only time PowerApps slows down is when it checks for errors. It does this when you are typing a formula and you temporarily break a variable that is used somewhere else:


  1. Image1.Visible is set to a boolean context variable, "ShowImage."
  2. You have the formula for ShowImage in one location:
    UpdateContext({ShowImage: true})
  3. You decide you want to put the formula in a second location:
    UpdateContext({ShowImage: tr...})

As you type true/false, you break the original formula and PowerApps stalls as it tries to recalculate things. If it's just one formula referenced in one way, it's no big deal. In fact, you could probably copy+paste to avoid the issue altogether. My example is very simple though, but apps can be very complicated so breaking the formula is costly when you have to wait through it all.


So users of PA end up typing their formulas somewhere else, then copy+pasting it back into PowerApps. But that's so counterproductive since PowerApps has color coding and autoselection in its formula editor that you miss out on so many key features when you write formulas elsehwere.


I am suggesting a way to toggle the error checks while you type a formula so that you don't break things. Think of it like the DelayOutput property for TextInput fields. Is this possible?

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PowerApps Team,


This will be a great addition, as many of my App users experience the errors coming on top of the screen and think that there's something wrong with the App, just because it failed to load a picture. Please create a way to toggle the error reporting off so users don't see messages like this one.


Thank you.




Mario C


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Hi there

Is there a Toggle to disable this feature today ?


It's very important


I spend a lot of time, waiting while PowerApps loads...



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Same issue here, stops everything becuase it takes too long.

Frequent Visitor

Hey, I have the same problems. I want to make some larger changes which trigger hundreds of obvious little errors. It takes very long to check everything and I just want to move on to remove the errors since I know exactly what to do. Please let me turn off error checking.

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Good idea - performance is horrendous when dealing with large formulas due to these checks.


Often becomes an issue when you try to filter a gallery based on 5-10 controls (which results in hundreds of filter variations... and thousands of lines of code)

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+1 Vote here too. 


Sometimes i am waiting 5-10 minutes (or sometimes way longer) for Powerapps to finish loading while i am changing a very basic formula. 


This makes it incredibly difficult to work with

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Please please please can you incorporate this feature. i spend way over half my time waiting for Powerapps to load which really hampers development

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Sometimes you need to copy a long code/formulas to a text editor because it is too slow or have to wait some long seconds before an intellisense appears fine.



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And yet another idea from 5 years ago that is still "New". There are so many ideas that don't get a look into by Microsoft.

The App Checker grinds my App development to a complete standstill and I end up having to close the browser and losing all my unsaved work. Happens. Far. Too. Often.