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Disable lookup names and formatted values in RetrieveMultiple results

When executing a query with the SDK, any lookup values always include the associated record name and formatted values are always included in the results. For many applications this is unnecessary and only the raw values are needed.

Performance of these applications could be improved by introducing an optional parameter for the RetrieveMultiple message to eliminate this extra data. This would remove the need to include a join to each lookup table, giving simpler and faster SQL queries as well as less data to be transferred back to the client.

Status: New
Advocate I


As an example of the sort of performance gains that could be made, this is roughly the SQL that could be generated when retrieving the fullname and parentcustomerid fields for contacts, and the current logic that adds joins to the account and contact tables in order to populate the name of the lookup value. In this simple case with only one lookup field, removing the joins to populate the name would make the query run in around 1/3 of the time.