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Disable symlink resolution in webpack config

If our PCF project is linked to any local NPM packages (package folder lives outside of the PCF node_modules), webpack build sometimes fails. Need a supported way of setting { resolve: { symlinks: false } } in the webpack config.

Currently we are working around this by modifying the node-modules/pcf-scripts/webpackConfig.js file.

Example of setup that fails:


  • my-helpful-npm-lib (dependency that is currently in development)
    • package.json (dependencies in here will not resolve)
    • node_modules
      • ...
    • ...
  • my-cool-pcf-control (pcf control that is currently in development)
    • package.json
    • node_modules
      • my-helpful-npm-lib (shortcut/symlink to folder above)
      • ...
    • ...


Status: New