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Disable zoom for end users

Often the app in questions is designed for a specific platfom and is only used for that platform. For this reason zoom is unnessescary, and often annoying for the end user. E.g. when creating a mobile app, it is expected that this will be used on a mobile phone, and therefore the text size etc. is selected for this specific purpose. When selecting something from a dropdown or combobox on a mobile app, the app often zooms by itself, and for some reason it is hard to zoom out. 


For this reason, a settings feature for the developer should be created, where the option to disable zoom for end users is available. 

Status: New
Advocate II

Yes! The autozoom makes applications almost unusable on iOS. This has been infuriating our users for over a year now. Rumor had it that increasing the font size fixed the problem but this is simply not true.

New Member
I'm with the last comments . We must always try to remain on a platform that offers the user ultimate performance.