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📅 Display Outlook free/busy availability in calendar for appointment scheduling

When scheduling appointments in a model-driven app, a very common UX challenge users face is not being able to take into consideration their actual availability. Users usually have to switch to Outlook to have a comprehensive view of their agenda. This hurts their productivity.

This affects both Sales and Services scenarios, when scheduling customer visits or planning calls.

There is no ideal solution or available workaround for this:

  • From a model-driven app perspective: users could make sure that they synchronize ALL of their Outlook meetings with th Common Data Service (that's a lot of tracking or category-tagging), but that can be a critical issue for private or confidential appointments and/or internal meetings that contain data that shouldn't be present in the app.
  • From an Outlook perspective: users could choose to always start from Outlook to schedule appointment and synchronize them afterwards with the App for Outlook. But that prevents them from using the data sitting in Common Data Service (contacts, accounts, leads...) when planning the appointment. Also, if specific fields or business processes must be used when planning appointments, as those are not present in Outlook, this means that users need to add information on the appointment record in the app afterwards.

Suggestion: can there be native PCF control or feature that addresses that issue and surface the free/busy Outlook information?

Controls could leverage the getSchedule Microsoft Graph API to display the free/busy information as an graphical overlay to the Calendar Control or in the Schedule Board.

This free/busy information could also be used to display warning notifications when planning appointments from Dynamics 365 that conflicts with internal attendees agenda.

Status: New