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Display Text of a SharePoint Hyperlink

When working with SharePoint list that has a Hyperlink column, it is currently only possible to get the URL of the hyperlink, and not the display text. There are several scenarios where I need one over the other, and sometimes both.  


Use Case 1 - New Form Entry:

User must submit new entry.  The hyperlink's display text will default to the url provided in the PowerApps form.  While this works, it will make the field long and fairly unreadable

Use Case 2 - View Form:
While viewing the form, I am forced to showcase the entire link instead of having a clean display text.  this wastes space and makes it harder for the end user to read.

Please mirror the behavior how hyperlinks work within sharepoint so that I can extend the experience, rather than make the experience worse when working within PowerApps.

Status: New
Resolver I

At the moment only the link is available in Power Apps.  Access to the friendly name is a must.

Example Link:

is accessible

not accessible

<a href=".../DispForm.aspx?ID=1680">2020-0194_Report Revision 0_...</a>


The current implementation makes the hyperlink field totally unusable.

New Member


You can actually do that by changing your 'Data" field for something like that

"<a href='" & Parent.Default & "'>IMAGEM</a>"