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Do Until Flow

I have a plan with multiple buckets. I have created a Flow that will generate Tasks in each bucket, once there is a new entry in a SharePoint List. The flow is presented as in the 1st figure. Once all the tasks have been created, I have included in the Flow a 'Do Until' step that checks the completion status of the tasks. When all the tasks in all buckets for the same entry in SharePoint are completed in Plan 1, in theory, the Do Until triggers the next step which is to create a new Task (of the same SharePoint entry) in a bucket located at a different Plan. Essentially Tasks appear on Plan 2 after all the tasks of the same ID have been completed in Plan 1. 


The issue:


When all the Tasks are completed in Plan 1, the relevant new Task does not appear in Plan 2.


The Flow works perfectly well until the 'Do Until', and once it gets there, it gets stock. So I looked at the time limits there. To test it I used the following: 


I want the Do Until to check the status of the Tasks every 10 seconds for 10 minutes, so I calculated as follows:

60 sec/min * 10min = 600sec. If I want the counts to occurs every 10 secs, then the Math in the Do Until is: 

Count = 60

Timeout = PT10M

Delay = 10sec


Well, when I run this flow for a Plan 1 with 2 buckets, and I make an entry in Sharepoint to trigger the flow, and I complete the Tasks in both buckets before the first 10seconds of running the flow, I expect for the tasks to appear in Plan 2 soon after I complete the tasks in Plan 1, but in reality the Do Until takes the full 10minutes to trigger the next step, making the math above useless. Please, could anyone tell me what am I missing here?


BTW: the coding in the Do Until condition is: 


@and(equals(outputs('Create_a_task')?['body/percentComplete'], 100),equals(outputs('Create_a_task_2')?['body/percentComplete'], 100))


thank you 


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Just a few minutes ago I received an email saying the Flow has been disabled... cancelling all the flows that were controlling all relevant tasks. Major disaster!!